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A 100% natural blend that goes directly to the root cause of your tinnitus: the inflammation of your brain tissue and nerve cells.

We only sourced the purest, highest quality ingredients.

The perfect combination of 28 carefully mixed plant extracts and vitamins into an easy to swallow capsule to take once a day.

We only produce Silencil in our FDA approved facility using the latest technology and equipment.

Every capsule of Silencil is non-GMO and safe.

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This protocol is very easy to follow and is also diabetic friendly.

It does not require any restrictive diets and it does not interfere with other supplements you might be taking.

This formula is more powerful than anything else in the world.

Because it doesn’t just eliminate that ringing in your ears, but also restores your hearing, strengthens your brain cells and helps you shield yourself against memory related diseases.

It also supports a healthy heart, improves your memory and focus, boosts your energy levels and so much more…

So you’ll also be improving your overall health at the same time.

By now you’re probably wondering how you can get your hands on this incredible anti-tinnitus super pill.

You see, it’s hard for me to answer this question.

When we created Silencil we knew that in order for this formula to work, we had to source only the highest quality ingredients.

We looked over 4 continents from over two dozen providers, until we found the right companies to work with.

This makes our ability to keep high stocks on hand, almost impossible.

And then there’s all the people who’ve used Silencil and experienced eliminated tinnitus from their lives and rejuvenated their brain.

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Chaga mycelium, Elderberry Fruit Juice Concentrate, Reishi mycelium, Turkey Tail mycelium

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    Fine replica

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