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Vista Clear contains a proprietary formula consisting of a group of essential vision antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and herbs, inspired by an ancient aboriginal recipe.

For thousands of years, this recipe has been used by the Australian tribe members, whose eyesight has been shown to be 4 times sharper than ours.

Countless studies published in peer-reviewed medical journals have proven, beyond any doubt…

That unlike the standard American diet, the crucial nutrients and vitamins in the Aboriginal diet continuously supports the health of their vision.

This unique formula is designed to help the healthy function of the retina, macula, lens, cornea and optic nerve.

Vista Clear Review

As an eye care physician, I see many patients with eye disorders that can be better addressed with Vista Clear. Many times, it’s an inherited eye problem that manifests as astigmatism, nearsightedness or farsightedness. Sometimes, it’s due to age-related wear and tear. Either way, most of our patients want a solution for their problems, but often have no idea where to turn for information.

Before recommending Vista Clear, I first discussed the disease with my patient. She told me that her eyes were always dry and felt very dry and irritated. She also indicated that she often needed rubbing and even eye drop to get rid of dryness. I explained that moisture is often a cause of astigmatism and recommended Vista Clear.

How Vista Clear works Efficiently

After explaining how and why Vista Clear works, my patient asked if there was a free trial. I referred her to my website where I provide a link for a free trial. In a few days, she noticed that her vision was much better than before. The glasses were also more comfortable.

Another patient that I treat is 45 years old, diabetic. She told me that her eyes were feeling dry and red. She didn’t need to rub them as much as in the past and they were feeling a bit sticky. Her eyes felt good.

A woman came into my office with dark circles and smudges under her eyes. She told me that she used to use Proactiv for about six months without realizing it. When she went back to the doctor, they had found that her eyes were responding well to Vista Clear. Within a couple of weeks, she said her vision was improving and now has perfect vision. It has really improved her quality of life.

The one thing that I want to stress is that everyone’s eyes are different. Some people don’t respond well to the eye drops. You may need to try several before you get results. My patients love using Vista Clear because they notice an improvement right away.

If your eyes are red, you should see a vision improvement right away. The eyes may be moist or have a slight redness. You can even have a slight breeze coming from your eyes. Some people experience a burning or stinging sensation when their eyes are open. This will lessen once you start using Vista Clear.

All in all, this product works very well. Most everyone who tries it loves it. You should try it today. You’ll wonder why you never tried this product before.

If you have any ocular problems, you should call your eye doctor immediately. The doctor can prescribe eye drops that will correct the problem. If the problem is due to dryness of the eyes, your doctor may suggest a special eye cream. Keep in mind that if there is dryness or itching, it could be a sign of a more serious problem.

Vista Clear Side Effects

There are no negative side effects. But, please contact your eye doctor if you experience dryness or if you see an increase in itching or if you have a crackling noise in your eyes. You can avoid eye irritation by using the moisturizing gel included with Vista Clear.

You should drink at least two glasses of water daily. Water helps keep your skin hydrated. This conditioner does not stay in the pores of the skin long enough to moisturize. This is what causes it to feel greasy. Water helps prevent premature aging. It also helps the skin around the eyes look younger.

And as an added benefit, Vista Clear will also improve the brightness of your eyes. It makes your eyes appear brighter and more alert. People will notice your eyes looking clearer. It will even help your eyes look better when you’re tired.

If you use this product regularly, you will find that you’re sleeping more soundly. You’ll wake up with less bags under your eyes. Vista Clear will give you less bags, too.

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